Supplier of premium ice cream

A soft and creamy consistency with low air content is the mark of our quality! It’s this, along with fresh ingredients and unconditional love, that fills our incomparable flavours with life. Rich ices at fair prices! – Find out for yourself and enchant your guests.

ice cream collectionOur flavours – What makes our ice cream so good?
Consistency, flavour and the perfect recipe

Naturally, first and foremost, the outstanding flavour! We have over 25 years of experience in making ice cream, a tradition that is very important to us. That is why we rely on our keen senses and measure ourselves by the high standards that are brought by work with original recipes based on the production methods of the old Italian masters. The high proportion of fresh milk, cream and high-quality ingredients like sun-ripened fruit and nuts ensure the perfect flavour experience. Special requests and the changing seasons constantly inspire us to add new varieties, fulfilling all wishes and desires.
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Just compare!
"Rich ices at fair prices"

Our Gelamor ice cream is so particularly creamy because we do not whip very much air into it during production.
Compared to others: we know that, with us, you get MORE ice cream for your money.
You can find out all about our ice cream making methods here. 

gelamor herz Less air in the ice cream – more ice cream in the tub!

Getting acquainted with our product range
Ice cream tasting of a special kind

We would be very glad to be able to show you the quality of our ice cream flavours and excite you with other possibilities, as well as our partnership philosophy. We would be glad to meet you where you are or in one of our parlours to excite you with the sheer number of delicious flavours we have on offer. Alternatively, you can order a discounted taster pack. We’d be glad to get in touch – contact a representative.

Social responsibility and sustainability
Ice cream making with responsibility

The sustainable handling of nature’s resources is a value that is gaining even more importance. That's why, for us, the perfect ice-cream experience starts with the purity of the ingredients and the careful choice of suppliers and runs all the way to our own social responsibility for our employees. We also place great value on efficient delivering of our ice cream products to you. Those are the values that we live and celebrate.

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We supply small ice cream parlours, gastronomic restaurants and large hotels
Gelamor tubs, good-looking in any size

For small ice cream cabinets to large inviting counters, we offer in total four different sizes, so that you can present the greatest possible choice of varieties. The prettier and wider the range on offer, the more will be ordered. We are looking forward to being able to supply you.

      ice bucket M   ice bucket XXL

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