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The people who work here under the strict hygiene standards we have developed an understanding of their craft and work with great passion and creativity. We form a team that produces up to 30,000 litres of ice cream a day, whose members complement each other perfectly.

gelamor eisherstellerQuality is our passion

Our modern Gelamor factory in Geseke is perhaps be constructed according to the very latest designs, but we still produce artisanal ice cream: simply natural, without the typical industrial characteristics of more standard producers.



Strict processes and the very best care
Certified and tested ice cream manufacture
Gelamor genuss

Our soft Gelamor ice cream has been produced according to strict protocols and under constant control since 1994.
All ingredients are carefully mixed and adjusted. After heating comes the resting phase, essential for the ripening process: for a full aroma only unfolds when time has been allowed for its development. Artisanal skill, aided by ultra-modern machinery, completes the final stage of production: in which, from the original mass, our high-quality ice cream is made. At the same time, our original Italian ice cream recipes offer the incomparable flavour of the good old days. The blast-freezing that follows ensures the quality of our ice cream: and in exactly this state our ice cream is delivered to our clients.

Gelamor DLG goldGelamor DLG silber
and Silver
Winner – DLG-prize winning tip-top-quality

Gelamor DLG praemiert
At our first participation in 2016, our Hazelnut Piemonte, Mango and Choco Classico varieties were involved in the competition and received the highest possible price: Gold! In 2018, Açai gold and orange bittersweet silver. Quality that speaks for itself!

Externally tested

Retention samples from every production run are tested in the external G+S laboratory and, thanks to our production processes, are sent back directly without fault.

G S Labor

Our Gelamor ice cream is so particularly creamy because we whip in very little air during production. Compared to others: for we know that, with us, you get MORE ice cream for your money. Arrange an appointment to try our ice cream or order our taster pack directly!

ISO certified

3Cert has confirmed our quality management in the area of “Production and Sale of Ice Cream” with DIN EN 9001.
3CERT ISO9001 Gelamor


 gelamor herzpremium ice cream at the best price-performance ratio    
 gelamor herzartisanally made ice cream
 gelamor herzhand filled and levelled
 gelamor herzblast-freezing with flavour guarantee
 gelamor herzquality tests in every batch
 gelamor herzultra-modern machinery
 gelamor herz high hygiene standards
                • hygiene locks
                • regular water checks


 gelamor herzno GMO
 gelamor herz we support species-appropriate animal husbandry
 gelamor herzwe avoid unnecessary journeys
 gelamor herzwe use our own well water
 gelamor herzwe get all our dairy products from local farmers             
 gelamor herza circulation procedure means cleaning products are very sparingly used

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Pictures from our ice cream factory