Gelaness protein ice cream

Fresh, tasty, healthy – with over 20 g of protein in every 180 ml: tastes like real ice cream and offers top value for the sporty and nutritionally conscious. Four varieties with inimitable flavour await a large target audience!

gelaness proteineis logoProtein ice cream gets the body in shape
gelaness ist the perfect training partner

Sportler ProteineisThe latest product of our love affair with ice cream is gelaness, in four flavours in a handy 180 mL tub with spoon included. Without added sugar, gluten free, with a high protein content – and extra tasty and creamy too.


Who needs protein ice cream?

Proteins are the building blocks of life. In sports, proteins help in supporting the build-up of muscle. Especially after weight training, protein synthesis is accelerated, and the extra portion of protein helps us to replenish supplies faster, so we can access them again. It also helps us to keep in shape, as protein gives greater stimulus to the body to release more appetite-suppressing hormones than carbohydrates or fats. Naturally, diabetics and the nutritionally-conscious can also enjoy our delicious ice cream, as we use the natural sweeteners stevia and erythritol. It causes no large peaks in blood sugar levels and can even help to keep blood sugar balanced.

Our protein ice cream stars
Irresistible flavour – incomparably creamy!
 icecream gelaness chocolateicecream gelaness mangoicecream gelaness pistachioicecream gelaness vanilla
gelaness proteineis molekuele
Sporty and nutritionally conscious people are thrilled by the advantages of gelaness:
gelamor herz Over 20 g protein in 180 mL
gelamor herz Gluten free
gelamor herz Free from artificial flavours
gelamor herz Free from artificial colours
gelamor herz Free from artificial preservatives
gelamor herz No added sugar
gelamor herz Contains stevia and erythritol

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 Protein ice cream for the home

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